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Restaurant Bread House is characterized by quite distinctive and interesting interior and consists of three halls (“Satone”, “Salonuri” & “Satavado”). This is a Georg

ian traditional restaurant with delightful national cuisine, where you can taste the unique Georgian dishes and delicious bread bakes. As soon as you take a glimpse of the Bread House, you will find yourself in the “Satone” (hall with Georgian bakery). Long Kakhetian Shoti and round thin Madauri will be baked in front of you in “Tone” (traditional deep clay oven). But what is most important, if you have never baked Georgian bread at least once in your life, any interested guest is welcome to take part in the process. Lechkhumuri Lobiani and Khachapuri are also baked in house. In “Satavado” (Nobels’ hall) you will have a desire to taste oven baked ribs in sweet and sour sauce, especially as it will be served by the Chef himself. Georgian music with live performance is heard in halls every evening. In summer you can chill outside at the terrace, sip Georgian wine and enjoy beautiful part of Old Tbilisi.

The guests of the restaurant have the opportunity to taste the “Treasure of the Georgian Feast” dishes. This is m|group’s project launched in 2010, which involved searching for indigenous Georgian meals, recipes and rules of preparation, in order to save them from oblivion and to preserve these traditions for the future generations. As the result of conducted search expeditions, up to 150 rules of preparation of traditional Georgian meals, the recipes of which were preserved among the elders of the regions, were restored, while guests can taste up to 30 of those dishes only in our chain of restaurants.

Furthermore, the restaurant offers an additional menu – “For Gourmets”, which is made with special ingredients for food lovers.

The 8,000-year-old Georgian methods and antique fundamentals of wine installations on Chacha-stem aging, is recognized as the first precedent in the world. Small wine cellars usually produce amber, organic and natural wines, which is a new word in wine-making around the world. More than 520 types of grapes for wine-making, with unique aroma, individual production technique is known as the Georgian traditional technique all over the world. Bread House offers its guests an opportunity of tasting a small selection of these wines at the Wine Cellar located within the venue